Family Law Testimonials

I had been waiting for a dissolution of marriage on a simple case with no children involved for 13 months and was no closer to a settlement than when I began. In fact I was being taken to court for termination of maintenance when I fired my old attorney and retained Jim Zuba. Almost immediately he prepared a settlement agreement to be sent to my husband’s attorney and assisted me in my termination of maintenance hearing so that I did not lose that monthly income. His secretary, Mary and his paralegal Lee were very helpful and knowledgeable and went out of their way to see that things were expedited. I’m happy to say that my case was settled within 3 1/2 months! Since I live in another state, Attorney Zuba arranged for the dissolution trial to be done by telephone so that I did not have to make a very long trip! I’m very pleased with Attorney Zuba’s assistance and feel you will not find a better Attorney in Rockford!


From JackieOShea52:

I hired Attorney Jim Zuba to help me with a difficult post-divorce proceeding in July 2014. Attorney Zuba was very thorough and diligent while we worked our way through discovery. He never wavered. He did just what he said he was going to do, which was to stay focused on the important issues and apply the law. In the courtroom, he demanded respect with his preparation, knowledge of the law, and courtroom appearance and demeanor. Attorney Zuba won the proceeding, which gave me my life back. Attorney Zuba is the best of the best. I have referred many people to him because I believe in him, and I would refer you to him as well.

Legal Issue: Divorce

From Cash72:

Jim helped me get through the hardest time in my life. He was patient and understanding to my situation. He explained things in terms I could understand. He made me feel at ease in court, which is a very stressful place to be. He asked questions and listened when I answered. I did not feel rushed out the door. I felt like I was his first priority. I was not just another payday to him and his great office staff.

Legal Issue: Divorce

From Momshefchick09:

Jim Zuba was very kind and caring in his approach. He listened to me and respected my thoughts and feelings. It seemed that he was very knowledgeable and highly ethical. Mr. Zuba followed through in an efficient and timely manner, never wasting my time or money. He was the advocate I needed in a difficult situation and I would definitely recommend him to anyone in need of good divorce counsel.

Legal Issue: Divorce

From Grateful123:

Attorney Jim Zuba has been my life saver. My divorce was nasty and extensive, and he stayed by my side and kept me afloat through the entire event. He is brilliant and was prepared beyond my expectations. I was so impressed with his recall on the details of my life, and with the amount of research he did on the characteristics of my disability. He made sure the judge understood the gravity of my situation, and now my future is secure. I highly recommend Jim Zuba!

Legal Issue: Divorce

From MicheleTwins11:

I am involved in an ongoing case that had many difficult twists and turns. Jim helped me clearly understand the legal parts of my case and we formed a strategy. With each court visit, Jim came prepared and calmly presented the facts. We won time and time again. I would recommend Jim to everyone.

Legal Issue: Custody & Visitation

From GParent:

Jim came highly recommended from another prominent attorney in Rockford. From the initial consultation with Jim, we knew he was the person we were looking for to take our family law case. During our initial consultation with Jim, he diligently took notes and asked such poignant questions regarding our situation. It was as if he was already strategizing our case. We spoke with a few other family law attorneys and much of the initial consultation was just fluff. It was obvious from the start that Jim was very knowledgeable, professional and competent. He always made us feel at ease and that we made the right choice with him. Jim was always several steps ahead of us and he made himself available whenever we had a question or concern. We were always aware of the current status of our case. That, in itself, was very comforting. We would highly recommend Jim Zuba to anyone needing a family law attorney. He is not only a credit to his profession, but truly a conscientious, compassionate and honest person. Once again, we thank you Jim!

Legal Issue: Family Law

From English Professor:

I highly recommend Jim Zuba to anyone in need of a true professional who will provide superior representation. He responded promptly to all questions and made the divorce process as painless as it could possibly be under any circumstances. He is a credit to his profession and a boon to any client.

Legal Issue: Divorce

From Recommend ZubaLaw:

I greatly appreciated the legal services provided by Jim Zuba and couldn’t have asked for better counsel to work through a difficult situation. He guided me through the entire process with honest and expert advice and was able to explain what I needed to know at each stage. His skill in law and the workings of the courtroom proved valuable in obtaining an acceptable settlement. Jim and the entire office staff at Zuba & Associates were exceptional. Phone calls and e-mails were promptly returned. Paperwork was completed and filed on time. In all aspects, this law firm took my case seriously, was attentive to my specific needs, and worked to finalize my case in a cost-effective and timely manner. I recommend Zuba & Associates to anyone needing the legal services they offer.

Legal Issue: Divorce

From runner1992:

I have been involved in legal family matters for over a decade and was unable to win in court until I hired Attorney Zuba. He has represented my family’s interests accurately, professionally and promptly. He won my case, fighting very hard for me as my voice in the courtroom. His staff (Pat and Lee) are also very professional and prompt, and I felt as if I had my own personal legal team behind me. I would recommend Attorney Zuba for anyone needing assistance in family law.

Legal Issue: Custody & Visitation

From jshort1:

I would recommend Jim T. Zuba and Associates for many reasons. To begin with, from the first time I met with him, he was upfront and to the point on the matters that he didn’t and did agree with. My legal matters were very frustrating and he stuck with it right up to the end. I have used him as my attorney from 2006-2010. Though we didn’t always win, he fought very hard and put a lot of time and energy into each court date. I must say though, we did win on the important things. Though I didn’t communicate a lot with him because of work, my wife did. She really liked talking to him and having to deal with him. He helped us out on understanding what we needed to do, how to do it, and when to do it based on the laws of Illinois since we live in Wisconsin. My wife and I are 100-percent satisfied with him as our attorney and would recommend him to anyone. Also, we would recommend his law office altogether. They all are very caring there and very helpful, so you always get your questions answered and get your legal situation handled in a timely, caring manner. I also don’t think that his fees are all that high considering what he and his law office do for you and how they handle your case and court situations. To me, the fees are very reasonable. So, if you need an attorney, as I have already stated, I absolutely recommend Mr. Zuba and his law office. Though I shouldn’t have any more legal issues in Illinois, if by chance I should, I will try to get him as my attorney before I go to anyone else.

Legal Issue: Family Law


Mr. Zuba has always been accurate and timely. When asked for insight, he has always given expert answers. Whether or not you’re going to like them, they are honest answers. He will get things done quickly and fairly. His peers always give him the highest respect and so do I.

Legal Issue: Divorce


My services with Mr. Zuba were at the highest level of professionalism you would expect from an attorney. I am 61 years old and through life have needed the services of attorneys both business and personal. Mr. Zuba is, by far, the most experienced attorney I have ever worked with. Mr. Zuba listened to my needs and reasons for hiring him, and then put together the legal documents I needed without months and months of meetings, expense or wasted time. Mr. Zuba was always available for phone, email or in-person meetings when I needed to contact him. His knowledge of law and finances were excellent. Mr. Zuba was professional in and out of the courtroom. I would definitely recommend him. I also would not use any other attorney in the future other than Mr. Zuba, I was that pleased with his knowledge and services.

Legal Issue: Divorce

From peter1arlm:

Mr. Zuba was very open to discussion and valued my opinions, yet reminded me on occasion what steps needed to be taken legally. Mr. Zuba honored my religious beliefs and made sure he stayed true to my church and its beliefs while again directing all efforts within legal parameters. Because of Attorney Zuba’s strengths and abilities my outcome was 100-percent favorable. As an added note, Mr. Zuba was very fair and straightforward on costs and charges for his and the court’s fees. To Mr. Jim T. Zuba — Thank You! You renewed my faith in our legal system.

Legal Issue: Divorce

From dwarlop:

Mr. Zuba is highly professional and extremely knowledgeable. He was a real pleasure to work with!

Legal Issue: Custody & Visitation

From csdrmomrn:

Mr. Zuba represented me in a custody case after two separate female attorneys had tried, and the outcome was not looking good for me. At court dates, Mr. Zuba was on time. He did not mingle and talk with other attorneys. He did not jump from court room to court room and leave me wondering where he was at. He was prepared with the facts and argued my case with the judge (several times) when the other side tried putting their slant on issues. It was clear to me that Mr. Zuba had a solid and broad knowledge of law, and knew how to recall it quickly. He was focused, he “got in, got the job done, and we left.” I was very surprised to get a letter in the mail (the next day) after each court date. The letters would reiterate what took place, our next court date, what I might need to gather for evidence and where my account balance stood in regards to my retainer fee. Sometimes I would go in and see Mr. Zuba in his office, and tell him, “I am not sure if I should do this or just let my child take the easy way.” Mr. Zuba always encouraged me to parent and not lower my standards. I think he told me how the attorney ad litem and/or judge would see it as well. I believe the odds were against me, but Attorney Zuba WON MY CASE! My son and I have gone on to rebuild our lives together. I am forever grateful to Mr. Zuba and his office for their support during that time in my life. Mr. Zuba’s secretary was always very kind and took accurate messages. This is the only attorney that ever gave me a refund on my retainer fee. The two female attorneys prior to him purposefully sent memos to use up what was left in my account, and then some. I tell people all the time about him. I highly recommend Mr. Jim Zuba.

Legal Issue: Custody & Visitation

Jim Zuba was a perfect fit for me. I would compare my experience with Jim Zuba and Associates to a life jacket that saved me from drowning. I needed legal advice and someone who I could trust to be “my voice” of reason, while I was devastated about my marriage ending. Mr. Zuba and his team were professional, caring and helpful. I appreciated that Mr. Zuba listened to my concerns and answered my endless questions with respect and would respond to me in a timely manner. I wanted justice, not revenge and Mr. Zuba was able to help me achieve that goal. He was organized and prepared for every court date. He was thorough in his research in every aspect of my case. I will be forever grateful to Mr. Zuba, his Paralegal and Secretary for making me feel as comfortable as possible during a very stressful and emotional time in my life. With Jim Zuba’s representation I felt validated and confident. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an attorney who possesses outstanding experience and a caring demeanor.



I hired Attorney Zuba to represent me in Family Court. Having worked hand in hand with several attorneys’ I chose Attorney Zuba, I was not disappointed. He was very candid during the consultation and I knew it was an uphill battle. Attorney Zuba and his team of Legal Assistants (Lee & Pat) made the process seem effortless. He was very open and upfront with me during the entire process which made it easier to understand why “we” had to go the direction he took in my case. I am pleased with the outcome of my trial and understood what the judge would or possibly could decide, or rule in my favor or against, prior to the final decisions being rendered. Attorney Zuba was open to all and any ideas that I had, using my input in a very professional manner during my proceedings. I do recommend Attorney Zuba and his staff for any family matters.

Jim defended me against my ex-husband who wanted my little girl removed from private school. Jim is very well spoken in court. He had a very quick response for every argument the other attorney had. Jim won my case for me and my little girl. He is also very quick to keep you updated after a court appearance. His office is also very well organized and sends email updates in a very timely manner.

From my first meeting with Jim I knew he took this seriously. A volume of questions asked and notes taken to get the full scope of what we were trying to accomplish. Many meetings, phone calls, emails and court appearances later we had a successful ending. Jim answered all our questions and gave us the pros and cons of every move. He knew when to be patient and when to be aggressive, when to hold our hand and when to move. He really knew us, understood what we were trying to accomplish and fought for us on every issue. He was always prompt in returning a call or email and ALWAYS kept us informed. I can’t thank him enough for such skilled representation.

Jim has given me consultation on multiple issues pertaining to family law. I had concerns about my rights in certain post-divorce matters. Jim’s expertise, experience and ability to focus on key issues impressed me. Because of Jim’s skill set and his ability to be a strong advocate for his client, I would recommend his services.

From Lloyd:

If anything good can come from a divorce, I found it to be my association with Jim Zuba and his secretary, Pat. Whenever I visited their office, I was made to feel like it was a family setting instead of a client/attorney relationship.

Mr. Zuba is prompt and efficient with everything he did concerning my divorce and kept me informed every step of the way with correspondence to the other attorney via letter or a phone call.

I did have to appear in court once and I was extremely impressed with Jim as the other attorney was starting to put me down and Jim promptly and professionally was able to make him stop his slander.

As for Jim’s secretary, Pat, whenever I was in the office, she was extremely friendly and polite. She always had something warm and uplifting to say to me. Many days I would stop in their office and she would keep me encouraged and sometimes make my day better by her encouraging words.


Rockford, Illinois

Divorces are incredibly difficult and stressful to say the least. Jim Zuba made the entire process easy for me. He is an attorney with ethics, knowledgeable, professional and competent. I felt he took ownership of the process and my case. He was able to handle the entire process making it easier on me. I would not use any other attorney.


Roscoe, Illinois

I was scared to death when I started my divorce but after I got to Mr. Zuba’s office I was definitely treated very well by all. I wish I would have come here with my first divorce. The money I spent on retaining the law services of Mr. Zuba was very well spent.

I really appreciate you going over every possible aspect of the court hearing with me. You made me feel so much at ease during every hearing. I never could have done it without you. I have been to other law offices, but yours was the very best. I was very pleased and grateful to have the help of the firm and the firm’s staff. They all are very professional and kind. I was told what would happen from the start and it did. I was about ready to give up on finding a good law firm, but thankfully, I found you. All of you have proven that there are still good people left that believe in right from wrong. I think that you honestly care if justice does prevail. You are very knowledgeable, professional and competent. You always knew what to do and say. It cost a lot of money on my part, but it was well worth it. You got me more from my divorce than I ever thought I would get. I was always treated as a person not just another court case.

Mr. Zuba’s skills in court were excellent. He had a firm handle on every issue and he presented them forcefully and succinctly to the judge. Mr. Zuba amazed me how prepared he always was. And he really knew his way around the courtroom. I am sure glad he was my lawyer and not my ex’s. I feel now Mr. Zuba is not just my lawyer, but my friend. He won the fight for me. He is the best!


Rockford, Illinois

Went to two hearings without a lawyer and when Mr. Zuba went with me things were different. I am very pleased with the results. After meeting you, I finally believed I had a chance to feel like things were really going to change for the better! If anyone is looking for someone to represent them in their divorce, they should hire you.


Rockford, Illinois

I highly recommend Mr. Zuba to anyone in need of a true professional who will provide superior representation. He responded promptly to all questions and made the divorce process as painless as it could possibly be under any circumstances. He is a credit to his profession and a boon to any client.


Rockford, Illinois