Criminal Law Testimonials

From tjlawler:

For anyone facing a serious legal issue, I strongly suggest utilizing the services of Jim T. Zuba. I was referred to him by a tax attorney I consulted, who felt Mr. Zuba was among the best (if not the best) criminal defense lawyer in the Rockford area. His high praise was supported by an Internet search I did which revealed the “bio” for Jim Zuba. I was most impressed with the section that outlined his 12 years of service as a federal prosecutor, which indicated to me a unique advantage that most other defense lawyers don’t possess. I decided to make an appointment with Jim, as he prefers to be addressed. He instantly makes you feel at ease with his demeanor and straightforward style. I won’t go into the specifics of my case, but it was resolved favorably. Throughout the process, Jim was professional and a true advocate for my cause. Hopefully I never have to use his services again, but I keep Jim’s card in my wallet just in case. I truly believe he’s the best option if faced with anything criminally related.

Legal Issue: White Collar Crime

tjlawler hired Jim T. Zuba in 2012.


Mr. Zuba possesses that unusual combination of trust, objectivity, perfectionism and reliability that makes a client feel at ease and assured that he or she is in good hands. He has a strong air of self confidence that transmits easily to customers. Perhaps most importantly, he is realistic and never gives you wrong, out-of-reach expectations. He keeps you anchored while you are given hope and options. While I feel he could be a bit more demonstrative emotionally, it is my opinion he keeps away from it so as not to give people false hopes. I feel however, some clients can use these rare emotional see-through to help them stay the course. Overall, this approach does a lot of good instead of bad. All in all, he is an excellent, well-rounded attorney who gives his clients his very best. He is very good at winning. This is what counts. All this while staying very ethical and moral. He is superlative. The very best.

Legal Issue: White Collar Crime

LEGALREC hired Jim T. Zuba in 2009.