We Stand Up For Victims Of Car Accidents

More than 1,300 people are killed in motor vehicle crashes in Illinois every year, and more than 40,000 suffer injuries requiring medical treatment. Because of the high number of claims, insurance companies retain scores of lawyers to deny or minimize claims for damages.

If you or a loved one was the victim of an auto accident, a motorcycle crash or a truck accident, you will need aggressive, experienced legal representation to fight the insurers and maximize your compensation.

There are important steps to take following an accident. Contact a Rockford, Illinois, auto accident lawyer with the resources, skills, and proven record of success in holding negligent drivers accountable. Zuba & Associates, P.C. is your aggressive advocate in a personal injury or wrongful death claim. Call 815-397-7000 or contact us by e-mail for a case evaluation.

Uniquely Qualified to Help You through a Difficult Time

We want our clients to concentrate on physical recovery from injuries, or have the time to grieve a family member lost to a car accident. Let us worry about compensation for your medical bills and lost income. Let our team’s unique background work for you:

  • Jim Zuba has more than 20 years of courtroom litigation experience, including 12 years as a federal prosecutor. Insurance companies know we are prepared to go to trial and that we are not pushovers in settlement negotiations. Our thorough and aggressive approach usually results in fair offers to our clients, but we will and do go to trial.
  • Linda Zuba is a licensed attorney and a registered nurse with a master’s degree. For over 15 years, Linda worked as a health care professional in the areas of critical care, trauma care, and as a nurse educator and consultant. She brings the same competent and compassionate care to our clients who have suffered serious and permanent injuries. Linda’s credentials and experience lend valuable insights and powerful weight when Zuba & Associates, P.C. is assessing your future care requirements and economic needs.

Catastrophic Injuries Require Experienced Attorneys

Our representation is especially effective in cases of permanent disability or major injuries, such as traumatic brain injury, paralysis or spinal injury, loss of limb, eye injury, shattered bones or organ damage. These injuries are common in motorcycle accidents and tractor-trailer accidents.

We send private investigators and accident reconstruction specialists to the crash site to preserve evidence necessary to prove liability to an insurance company or jury. Then we consult with economists, medical specialists and other experts to determine the prognosis for recovery and the projected costs of a life care plan.

We Will Work To Maximize The Amount You Recover

Contact us as soon as possible following your injury accident to examine your situation and start the investigation. Let our medical and legal resources bring some comfort back to your life. You will only pay an attorney fee if we obtain a recovery for you.

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