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Divorce can be 'contagious' among friends

People in Illinois who decide to divorce may soon see their friends taking a similar path, according to one study. The research, conducted by social scientists at Harvard University, Brown University and the University of California at San Diego, backs up a common social belief that divorce can be "contagious." Observed anecdotally among many groups of friends, people often see one friend divorce followed by several others. There are a number of reasons why this can occur, partially because people staying in an unhealthy marriage through a sense of inertia are inspired to move forward when seeing their friends' journeys.

Dealing with retirement funds during a divorce

Spouses in Illinois who choose to end their marriages may find that divorcing has a significant impact on retirement plans. Because retirement funds are often a married couple's largest single asset, both partners may have to deal with a substantial cut to their retirement savings after the accounts are divided as part of the divorce. This can mean that divorcees have to plunge right away into a financial plan that optimizes saving for the future in order to rebuild depleted retirement funds. This can be especially true as many people may take loans or early withdrawals from their accounts in order to address some immediate post-divorce costs.

Student loan debt can lead to divorce

For many couples in Illinois, finances are one of the major sources of stress on a marriage, leading to arguments and irreconcilable differences. One major source of financial pressure on many marriages is student loan debt. On average, American student loan borrowers owe $34,144 in loans, and the average student who graduated from college or university in 2017 carried $39,400 in outstanding education debt. Many people have to make substantial payments each month to address the debt, and they may also find it difficult to take steps like obtaining a mortgage for a home until the educational debt is paid down.

Adjusting to co-parenting after divorce

For some Illinois parents, dealing with child custody can be one of the most emotionally and practically challenging aspects of divorce. Joint custody or visitation schedules can be difficult because the parent will no longer have full-time access to the children. However, there are some guidelines that can help parents develop more successful co-parenting experiences. They should start by keeping the child's best interests in the forefront at all times.

Why there is a rise in prenups among millennials

Couples in Illinois who are in the 18-to-34 age group may be more likely to get a prenuptial agreement if they decide to get married than the same age group would have done in previous decades. While the American Association of Matrimonial Lawyers reports that there has been a surge in couples asking for prenuptial agreements, the jump in younger people asking for them is more recent.

Financial surprises divorcing individuals may experience

Although the divorce rate across the nation remains at about 50 percent, many Illinois divorcees are not aware of just how much of an impact divorce could have on their finances. For women, in particular, the financial surprises can be particularly difficult to deal with once the divorce is finalized.

What happens when a parent fails to pay child support

When some Illinois parents get divorced or separate, one parent may be held responsible for paying child support. These payments are supposed to be made monthly to help the custodial parent provide for the children. However, some parents do not understand how the system works, potentially making them blame the courts for their financial situation.

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