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During a divorce, it's okay to stand up for your rights

When discussing the divorce process, much of the attention may appear to be focused on how to sail through as smoothly as possible. However, at times, this is simply not possible. For some people in Illinois who are going through a divorce, there may be times when it is simply okay to disagree with how things are proceeding. 

Gray divorce often the result of "empty nest syndrome"

We have all heard of empty nest syndrome -- when grown children leave the home, parents are left to realign their lives and rediscover one another as spouses. Sadly, as some Illinois residents can attest, this does not always go as planned, and more and more experts are pointing to the empty nest as a key cause of late-life or "gray" divorce. The challenges faced by those attempting late-life divorce are unique and require special support to overcome.

Illinois divorce: is it easier without children involved?

While many Illinois couples would think a frank discussion about children would come before vows, a lot of people don't truly discuss the issue until it's too late. Other times, individuals even believe the other party will change his or mind about kids after a wedding. For these reasons, many married couples find themselves at odds about children, and some of those marriages end up in divorce. With that in mind, Rockford residents may be interested in a question posed in a recent Huffington Post article: Is divorce easier for people who don't have children?

Illinois divorce: should you plan for it before you say 'I do?'

While statistics show a falling divorce rate, 10 percent of new marriages still end in divorce within the first five years, and almost 25 percent never see a tenth wedding anniversary. Such statistics may encourage Illinois couples to carefully plan before they tie the knot, just in case things don't work out later on. Thinking about divorce before even getting married may not be the most attractive activity, but with the current rate of divorce, for many people such considerations are an important step.

How can Illinois residents protect a 401(k) during divorce?

In a divorce settlement, a 401(k) retirement account could be considered joint property. With that being the case, the contributor to a 401(k) might stand to lose a substantial amount of money if a former spouse is given a portion of the fund. But for Rockford residents going through a divorce, there are steps you can take to ensure the assets in a 401(k) are protected.

Rockford residents should evaluate finances before a divorce

When Illinois couples go through divorce, a major concern on the minds of both parties is what their financial situations will be after the separation is finalized. Keeping tabs on assets, debts and the general state of one's finances will not only help limit surprises after a divorce, but also make the process of dividing marital property go much more smoothly. To reduce costs in the long run and the short run, divorcing couples in Rockford should carefully evaluate the health of their finances.

Why do once happy Illinois couples sometimes divorce?

If you're happy and you know it, could there still be a divorce in your future? Unfortunately, for some Illinois couples, the answer may be yes. A recent study examined the relationships of couples who described themselves as happy after four years of marriage. Some 136 couples who initially said they were very satisfied with their marriages were tracked over the ensuing 10 years. The idea behind the study was that if we can understand what factors ultimately spelled divorce for couples who were at first content with one another, perhaps danger signs could be noticed earlier, resulting in saved marriages.

Why are there more divorce filings near Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day is traditionally a day of love and romance in and around Rockford. Restaurants are normally overflowing with customers ready to share Valentine's Day specials. Some rush to pick up flowers and chocolates that they probably should have remembered earlier. And while love is definitely in the air, a recent report notes that others in Illinois and throughout the country seem to use the time around Valentine's Day for something else altogether -- filing for divorce.

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