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Illinois couples have different needs during divorce

Increasingly, collaborative divorces seem to be a popular method of ending a marriage. Although heading to court remains an option, should this approach fail, some couples find that alternative dispute resolutions give them more power over the final terms of the divorce settlement. However, this approach is understandably not appropriate for every divorcing couple, and there are clear pros and cons to both methods of ending a marriage.

Thinking of filing for divorce? You may be in good company

Starting fresh is a common theme for many people around the New Year. From resolutions to spend more time outdoors or to watch less TV, turning over a new leaf might entail much more for some Illinois couples. As it turns out, the start of the New Year is the right time for a lot of couples to finally file for divorce.

Want to keep the house after the divorce? Take a look at the loan

For some Illinois couples, dividing up the assets can be a drawn-out process characterized by petty disputes. For other couples, the process is much simpler, with both parties agreeing on how to divide all or most of the property. However, simply deciding that one individual should retain possession of a certain asset after divorce -- such as a house -- may not always be enough.

Equitable division of property does not necessarily mean 50/50

When it comes to property division during divorce, Illinois is an equitable distribution state. Contrary to what many people may believe, however, equitable distribution does not necessarily mean an equal division of property. Rather, the appropriate measure is that the division is found to be equally fair to both parties.

Harold Hamm and wife in court concerning division of property

Harold Hamm and his soon-to-be ex-wife recently entered their second week in court over disagreements concerning their divorce settlement. Hamm, who is an oil tycoon billionaire, apparently objects to the division of property, based on the way in which he earned his money. Either way, his divorce has the potential to be one of the most expensive in history. Illinois couples who are readying to divorce should be aware of how assets were earned, as this can affect property division.

Wife seeks divorce from Illinois town president

The wife of an Illinois Town President has filed for divorce. She claims abuse as the grounds for the split. Although they appeared happy together during town events, both parties are now accusing each other of abusive behavior. The divorce comes after an apparent year of estrangement for the couple.

An acrimonious divorce can't be settled right away

When most Illinois residents divorce, their cases are handled quietly within the circuit courts. However, sometimes a divorce becomes so acrimonious that it ends up being heard in a state's highest court. Such is the case for a prominent couple who were unable to agree about their children so pursued the case to their state's Supreme Court.

Illinois child custody: Mother in heated battle over pageants

Even after an Illinois divorce is over, child custody battles can still result. A mother accused of sexualizing her daughter is embroiled in a custody fight over her decision to allow her daughter to compete in the pageant circuit. The woman garnered nationwide attention when she allowed her daughter to dress up as Dolly Parton; as a result, the little girl's father is now requesting full child custody.

Help may come for international child support enforcement

Many parents struggling with enforcing child support orders face a difficult battle, even when the other parent lives just on the other side of town. Imagine the complications that arise when that parent lives on the other side of the world. Enforcement of child support across borders has long been a legal nightmare for the parents who remain in Illinois and elsewhere in the United States, with the struggle sometimes leading to the cessation of payment altogether.

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