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Father's Day bittersweet for dads fighting for child custody

Many men around America celebrate Father's Day every June, but for some the day meant to honor them can be a bitter pill to swallow. In Illinois and elsewhere, fathers of the children of divorce are having to fight to prove their value as parents. For one Illinois group, this has culminated in a tireless effort to redefine what it means to be a good dad when it comes to child custody.

Adoption a red flag for IRS thanks to flaw in system

IRS tax audits are unwelcome to anyone. But for certain families in Illinois and elsewhere, sweeping audits were the norm for the 2012 fiscal year. The reason, apparently, is adoption: families who had adopted a child or children were unfairly targeted for audits this year thanks to what is being called a "misguided practice" within the Internal Revenue Service.

Adoption a welcome joy for reality show couple

Some prospective parents won't let anything get in their way in the pursuit of adopting a child. For Bill Klein and Jennifer Arnold, known to Illinois fans as the stars of the reality show "The Little Couple," their adoption dreams came true when they travelled to the Far East to adopt their new son William Rijin. This was a tremendous boon to the couple who have long desired a child of their own.

New bill in Illinois will change child support regulations

A new bill, stemming from the case of a man who provided support for a child that wasn't biologically his, has been approved by the senate. The measure comes on the heels of an Illinois child support case that captured the attention of a senator who vowed to help the man seek compensation. The bill has not yet been made law, but it received a unanimous vote from Illinois senators.

New bill in Illinois set to change divorce law

A bipartisan group has drafted a new bill that is set to cause major changes throughout family law in Illinois. The Family Law Study Committee has been gathering information from a variety of sources throughout Illinois for four years, including judges, advocates, and other experts. The newly drafted bill seeks to make changes to the three-decade old state divorce laws. The bill, called HB 1452, is currently in deliberation.

Illinois child custody: Father hopes to sever mother's rights

One of the most frightening experiences during a child custody battle is the thought of the other parent taking the child to another country in order to avoid surrendering custody. While this does not often occur, some parents may eventually face this battle. Illinois parents involved in a child custody dispute where this occurs may wish to ensure they are aware of their legal rights so they can better prepare for what is to come.

Imprisoned Illinois man loses appeal over divorce settlement

An Illinois man has lost his divorce settlement appeal. The man was an investment agent during his marriage, and when his wife reportedly stumbled over some questionable activity in their joint business, it resulted in a domestic violence incident that ultimately led to the demise of their marriage. He was sentenced to serve prison time before their divorce could be finalized.

Guidelines for divorce in Illinois

Several options exist for couples navigating an Illinois divorce. Although most divorces have some emotional strain attached to them, couples can often work out their differences before a proceeding is required to go to court. The law permits any agreement between the parties to stand unless a judge later examines the settlement and finds one party may have unfairly benefitted over another. In such a case, the judge has the authority to overturn a divorce settlement.

Law can help Illinois parents in a child support battle

Child support and custody battles can quickly turn contentious in Illinois and throughout the nation. One such battle is heating up in the courts and involves a woman suing a judge for child support and damages. The woman claims she had a 19-year relationship with the man and that he hadn't stepped up to support their two children.

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