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The increase in joint child custody

For the majority of the 1900s, divorced fathers in Illinois and the rest of the country who wanted to share child custody did not have many options. Family courts tended to favor mothers almost exclusively by giving them full custody. However, during the last three decades, an increasing number of divorced fathers have been able to obtain shared parental custody. According to one associate law professor, the manner in which the family courts have evaluated child custody over the last few decades have changed.

Finding the best way to split the family business

When an Illinois couple goes through a divorce, they will likely have to deal with a lot of strong emotions. Still, there are a number of practical issues that require attention. Among these is determining what to do with shared family assets. Some assets may be easy to sell and divide among the divorcing parties. Other assets, such as a shared business, may require more effort to divide.

What to know about homes and divorce

There are many disputes that may arise during a divorce in Illinois or anywhere else. One of those disputes may revolve around what to do about the family home. It is possible that one person will want to sell while the other will want to keep it. A key benefit to selling a home is that it allows each person to get a fresh start both mentally and financially.

Claiming dependents when the parents aren't together

Illinois residents and others may be able to claim their children or others as dependents on a tax return. However, if a couple has been divorced or lives together despite not being married, it isn't always clear who gets to do so. The IRS does have a set of rules that it uses to determine who gets the credit if there is a dispute. It is important to note that the IRS settles disputes after a return is filed.

Common factors often lead to divorce

There are a number of reasons why couples in Illinois may decide to divorce, especially as every relationship is unique. Oftentimes, multiple contributing factors lead to a marriage ending. Some people may separate somewhat amicably after growing apart over the years. In other cases, extramarital affairs or other breaches of trust can play a significant role in ending the marriage.

Avoiding potentially costly mistakes in a divorce

There are several mistakes that Illinois couples who are getting divorced often make. One common mistake is sharing too much on social media. Posting pictures from a vacation or bragging about a business deal may result in leverage for the other person to obtain a larger settlement. Another common mistake is failing to close joint accounts after a divorce is official.

Planning a parenting schedule

When filing for divorce in Illinois, couples who have minor children should consider how they will create a parenting plan that works well for their children and for both parents. Working together to create a schedule is an important step toward helping children adjust to life after a divorce.

Divorce more likely when wives become ill

It's fairly common for couples in Illinois to exchange vows that include the phrase "in sickness and in health." Unfortunately, serious illness sometimes causes one spouse to choose to end a marriage. According to research on this topic, the husband is more likely to divorce a wife rather than the other way around when there's a serious illness involved. One study found that it was only a wife's illness onset that increased the risk of a split. Other clinical studies have shown an increased risk of divorce among women diagnosed with cancer.

Avoiding joint debt after divorce

Along with the many other concerns of dissolving a marriage in Illinois, soon-to-be exes often have to worry about splitting joint credit card debt. Experts recommend leaving a marriage with no joint debt. While this may seem difficult to achieve, there are ways couples can work together to eliminate joint debt during the divorce process.

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