Get Your Fair Share In The Property Settlement

If you face divorce, it is critical to enlist the services of an attorney who will protect your financial interests as well as your personal interests. Zuba & Associates, P.C., provides compassionate legal counsel in the stressful process of divorce and dividing marital property.

We are uniquely qualified to reach a fair and equitable distribution of marital assets in your divorce settlement. Attorney Jim Zuba was a practicing certified public accountant (CPA) before earning his law degree. His financial acumen is a key advantage for clients in determining the accurate value of the marital estate. Attorney Collin Evans is able to draw upon his years of litigation experience to assist him in obtaining the results our clients deserve and expect.

  • Professional practices (medical, dental, legal, etc.)
  • Manufacturing companies or other closely held businesses
  • Stocks and investments
  • Marital home and other real estate
  • Pensions, IRAs, 401(k)s and other retirement assets

We Work With Highly Regarded Specialists When Necessary

We also have established a network of forensic accountants, valuation specialists and other experts who can review financial records to arrive at proper valuations of assets. We regularly draft qualified domestic relations orders (QDRO) to split retirement funds equitably between spouses. If one spouse will remain in the home, we can help refinance or trade other assets to divide the total equity of the estate fairly.

Experienced Litigation When The Going Gets Tough
Zuba & Associates, P.C., always attempts to negotiate divorce terms and marital property division amicably, and we work well with opposing counsel toward this goal. But if talks break down, we are willing and able to go to trial. Jim Zuba brings 12 years of experience as a former federal prosecutor and almost 18 years as a family law trial attorney to every case he litigates.

Whether you have a sizable estate or modest assets to divide, you need the best advocate available. Call 815-397-7000 or use our online contact form to schedule a consultation. A Rockford property settlement lawyer will review your situation and provide a candid assessment of what you can expect.

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