A Strong Prenuptial Agreement Will Prevent A Drawn-Out Divorce

Entering into marriage is among the most important decisions you will make and one of the happiest times in your life. It can be difficult to imagine a time where you would be concerned about protection of your property rights at the end of your marriage. Creating a prenuptial agreement will not only protect your rights and interests should the worst happen, but such an agreement can also actually protect your happiness as a couple by outlining expectations, removing sources of potential conflict and offering both parties peace of mind.

Rockford prenuptial agreement attorneys Jim Zuba and Collin Evans offer a strong voice for their clients. Jim is a former prosecutor and CPA who will use his financial background and litigation experience to prevent future problems and protect your rights. Collin is a former litigator well prepared to guide you through this process. Jim and Collin are practical advocates who seek to avoid costly and destructive legal battles in the event of divorce. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Winnebago County Premarital Agreements Attorney

Zuba & Associates, P.C., represents parties seeking to protect their personal property rights with prenuptial agreements. We have years of experience:

  • Carefully and clearly drafting agreements that protect the personal property rights of each party and communicate expectations for the marriage
  • Thoroughly reviewing proposed or existing agreements
  • Interpreting provisions of an agreement in accordance with relevant court decisions
  • Challenging the validity of an existing agreement
  • Enforcing the provisions of an agreement

Our Rockford prenuptial agreement attorneys can also prepare postnuptial agreements or domestic partnership agreements that outline your rights and interests at any point in a relationship.

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