We Protect Your Interests During A Difficult Time

Ending a marriage raises tough issues. How do you protect your interests without escalating the conflicts that led to divorce? How do you spare more trauma to the children without sacrificing your own rights? The right lawyer can soften the impact and discover solutions that benefit all parties.

Additionally, it’s important to prepare for life after divorce. At Zuba & Associates, P.C., we explain the financial and legal consequences of divorce, including how your taxes, real estate plan, health insurance coverage and child custody rights will be impacted.

Rockford, Illinois, family law attorney Jim Zuba is aggressive in negotiations or in court. Jim is a practical advocate whose philosophy is to avoid a costly and destructive legal fight unless absolutely necessary. Attorney Collin Evans is an experienced trial attorney prepared to vigorously represent your interests in negotiations and in court.

We represent men and women in Winnebago County and surrounding counties in all divorce-related law matters:

· Divorce agreements and division of property

· Child custody and parenting disputes

· Child support and spousal maintenance

· Modifications of custody, visitation, child support or maintenance

Zuba & Associates, P.C. handles all issues of Illinois family law:

· Stepparent adoption – assisting in the formal adoption of a stepchild (or grandchild), including proceedings to terminate the rights of a biological parent

· Prenuptial agreements – drafting premarital agreements to identify joint and separate property, and preserve inheritance rights for children of a first marriage

· Paternity actions – to secure child support for a single parent raising a child, or to assert a father’s visitation rights

· Domestic violence orders – helping victims of domestic violence obtain temporary restraining orders and permanent protection orders, or defending against the issuance of such orders.

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Rockford, Illinois, family law attorney Jim Zuba is a former prosecutor and CPA. Jim has the litigation experience and financial background to stand up for your rights and keep the other side honest. Attorney Collin Evans is a former criminal defense attorney with over five years of litigation experience that has prepared him to aggressively pursue your rights. Call 815-397-7000 or use our online contact form to schedule a consultation.