Assertive Defense Against Fraud And Identity Theft Charges


When investigating fraud, identity theft and other kinds of white collar crimes, prosecutors usually charge those indicated with conspiracy. Once a charge of conspiracy is entered, hearsay rules that prevent out-of-court claims and allegations from being admitted at trial as evidence don’t apply.

As a result, prosecutors can broaden the scope of an investigation, using plea bargain arrangements to target individuals they believe bear the greatest amount of responsibility for a white collar crime. Consequently, other suspects interested in protecting themselves may be encouraged to testify against you, offering not much more than unsubstantiated allegations and hearsay at trial.

A Former Federal Prosecutor Who Will Protect Your Rights

Regardless of whether you’ve been arrested or are under investigation, protecting your rights is essential in preventing the prosecution from backing you into a corner. Attorney Jim Zuba is a former federal prosecutor who brings valuable insights from that work to his criminal defense practice.

At Zuba & Associates, P.C., our lawyers intervene as soon as possible to pre-empt actions on the part of federal prosecutors that attempt to focus an investigation exclusively on our client. We challenge attempts to seize financial records, monitor financial transactions and conduct wiretaps grounded on supposition and speculation.

We represent clients who face a wide range of criminal charges, including embezzlement, defrauding the government, money laundering, and all forms of fraud and identity theft.

Fraud And Intent: What The Prosecution Must Prove

White collar crime often involves keeping at least two sets of records while maintaining an appearance of normal day-to-day operations. As a result, a certain amount of compartmentalization takes place: one person or group may not realize what other people or groups within an organization are doing. Consequently, you may be implicated in illegal activity without realizing it or, at the very least, without understanding the full scope of the enterprise.

When the prosecution presents its evidence, it must establish that you knowingly and willingly acted in a way to defraud others. Even if you knowingly acted in a criminal manner, you may not have known it was intended to defraud certain organizations or the government.

In each case, our Rockford fraud defense attorneys work to expose unsupported assumptions and questionable testimony that undermines the prosecution’s claims. Even if the evidence suggests you are guilty of a crime, it may not support the prosecution’s claim that you are guilty of the degree of criminality alleged by them. We expose contradictory testimony, untrustworthy informants, and gaps in the chain of evidence. We undermine the prosecution’s version of events and work to get the charges or sentence against you waived or reduced.

It Is Important To Act Immediately

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