Fighting Against Sex Crime Charges

The lawyers at Zuba & Associates, P.C., know how to defend clients from sex crime charges. We have valuable knowledge of local law enforcement and the court system, and we can explain your legal options.

Types of sex crimes include:

  • Indecent exposure
  • Prostitution and solicitation
  • Child pornography
  • Sexual assault
  • Rape and statutory rape

Many sex crimes carry long prison sentences and involve additional consequences such as mandatory registration as a sex offender. If you are accused of a sex crime, it is crucial to retain a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.

Punishment For Convictions

Illinois sentences for sex crime convictions include:

  • Indecent exposure: up to three years in prison
  • Rape and sexual assault: four years to life in prison
  • Child pornography: four to 15 years in prison, with a maximum fine of $100,000

Skilled And Responsive Defense

Common sex crime defenses include:

  • Expectation of privacy
  • Consent
  • Alleged victim portrayed self as 18 or older

Our attorneys are experienced in defending clients from sex crime charges. We can build a strong defense strategy, uncover beneficial evidence and ensure that your legal rights are upheld.

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