Defending Against Robbery And Theft Charges

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Types Of Offenses

Illinois law defines several types of theft charges. While theft is the act of taking something that is the property of another person, robbery happens when someone takes property in the owner’s presence without their consent and threatens or commits violence.

Vehicular hijacking is the charge of taking a motor vehicle by threatening or actual force. If other conditions exist during the auto theft such as carrying or discharging a firearm, then the charge elevates to aggravated vehicular hijacking.

Conviction Consequences

Here are consequences of some conviction charges:

  • Felony theft : three to seven years in prison
  • Armed robbery: six years to life in prison
  • Vehicular hijacking and aggravated robbery: four to 15 years in prison

Our firm can push for elimination or reduction of your charges, to avoid or minimize a conviction.

What Zuba & Associates, P.C. Can Do For You

Our lawyers can examine the evidence, question witnesses and discover what occurred during your arrest to develop the most favorable defense strategy possible. Some robbery defenses include:

  • Intoxication
  • No threats were made or injury caused
  • Lack of intent to steal

The sooner you get an attorney working for you, the more time there is to mount a legal defense.

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