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Divorce and dividing 401(k) funds

One of the most highly disputed issues that divorcing couples in Illinois may address is the division of 401(k) funds. These types of retirement accounts, like other forms of pensions, have their own set of rules that should be followed in order to avoid consequences such as high tax bills, large penalties and unintended distribution.

The benefits of planning for divorce in advance

Just as someone puts a seat belt on even though he or she is not planning to get into an accident, people should prepare and plan for getting divorced. Illinois residents may be able to protect assets from creditors or property division by creating a prenuptial agreement. It may also be possible to do so by keeping assets in a separate account. As a general rule, separate property refers to anything a person owned prior to a marriage.

Vengeance should not be the focus in divorce

Illinois residents facing the fallout from a marital split could be tempted to use the legal process as a method of getting revenge against a misbehaving spouse. The emotional turbulence and acrimony of a failed marriage can make a public airing of grievances against someone seem attractive. However, there are important factors to consider. Aside from the financial implications of paying lawyers many thousands of dollars to wage a paper war, there is an emotional and mental health aspect to consider for both the adults and children of a marriage.

How to avoid a child custody battle

Illinois parents who are getting a divorce might be concerned about its effect on their young children. It is usually in their best interests for children to spend time with both parents, and it is also better for children if parents can negotiate an arrangement rather than fighting one another in court.

Domestic violence orders may help to prevent ongoing abuse

During this time when the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence is observed across the world, victims are reminded that protection is available. Through the Illinois court system, domestic violence orders may provide temporary protection until further action can be taken. Despite projects focused on creating awareness, statistics show that domestic violence remains prevalent.

Family law issues sometimes ongoing after divorce

Most people in Illinois might agree that divorce is never easy. Family law issues surrounding a marital separation can be exacerbated when there are children involved. Parents embattled in child custody debates and/or issues concerning visitation or future ongoing relationships can become complicated and hostile if those involved cannot find a way to negotiate in an amicable manner.

Family law studies show children of divorce are well-adjusted

It's a well-known phenomenon that some couples living in a broken marriage will put off a divorce until the children are grown up and independent. But in Illinois and elsewhere, does that make things worse for children who must live under the continuing stress of a problem-filled marriage? An article in Scientific American recently took up this important family law question and provided some reassuring news for parents contemplating a divorce.

College costs an important issue in Illinois divorce settlements

College costs can weigh on every family, but in particular, children whose parents are divorced too often endure a financial burden long after their parents have separated. In fact, a new study shows that children of divorced parents typically receive far less help with their college payments. Considering how tuition rates have skyrocketed, it is extremely important for Illinois residents who are going through a divorce to discuss the burden of college costs during the property settlement.

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