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Starting the year with a divorce

The arrival of the New Year tends to coincide with a sharp increase in divorce filings. People in Illinois who are planning to pursue a divorce at the beginning of the year should take certain steps before filing.

Choosing the right support team in a divorce

People in Illinois who are getting a divorce may want to seek assistance from a group of professionals. A therapist who specializes in divorce along with family and friends can help with the emotional side of the divorce. Other professionals can assist with the financial and legal side of things.

The necessity of a prenuptial agreement

Couples in Illinois, and around the country, who are planning to get married may be uncertain about whether they should first complete a prenuptial agreement. While the idea of a prenuptial agreement may make both parties uncomfortable, it is a conversation that couples should have when they get engaged, particularly if they have substantial assets.

Separating credit and accounts in a divorce

Illinois couples who are getting a divorce may need to establish individual accounts and credit for themselves. This will help protect a person from a spouse's spending and allow that person to begin building up an individual credit rating. If a spouse is on an account as an authorized user, that spouse should also be removed.

Financial planning during a divorce

Divorce can be financially difficult for everyone involved. Some Illinois courts divide property according to principles of equity (or fairness), though this does not necessarily mean that the property will be divided equally. There are some steps divorcing spouses can take to protect themselves financially during a divorce.

The true process of ending a marriage

Even though a divorce may take many different forms, there are certain steps that Illinois residents must take. For instance, the first step in any divorce proceeding is to file the proper paperwork. It must be delivered to the other spouse as well. Once the paperwork has been filed, it is a good idea for an individual to move quickly on issues like child custody. Waiting to take action could weaken a person's position in the eyes of a divorce judge.

Situations that could lead to divorce

Some Illinois couples might wonder whether they should get a divorce. There are a few situations that could result in a marriage coming to an end. Infidelity is one of those situations. This could be a one-time incident or it could be ongoing, and it might be emotional or physical. Some couples are unable to recover from it.

Studies look at factors in divorce risk

Illinois couples who have a child in the first seven months after getting married might be more likely to get a divorce than couples whose first child is born at least eight months after the wedding. Furthermore, if the first-born child is a daughter, the couple might also be more likely to divorce. Studies have identified these and a number of other factors that may predict the vulnerability of a marriage.

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