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How to spot parental alienation

Parental alienation generally occurs after a divorce when parents decide that winning a battle with a former spouse is more important than the best interests of the child. There are many signs that a parent in Illinois has engaged in parental alienation. One sign may be that a child has asked a parent to not to take part in some aspect of his or her life, such as not attending sporting or other events.

Shared parenting positively impacts children

Illinois parents who have gone through a divorce and who share custody of their children may already be aware of the benefits of shared parenting. When both parents care for their children in equal amounts of time, it can benefit the whole family. Mothers who aspire to work outside of the home can benefit from such an arrangement because it allows them to have more time to put efforts towards their career. Fathers can spend more time with their children, and children can spend equal time with both parents.

Child custody documents protect immigrant families

The political climate has caused many Illinois undocumented immigrants to rethink plans for their families. Child custody arrangements have become a legal tool that could protect the best interests of their children in cases of detainment or deportation. Many immigrant families will go to great lengths to allow children access to opportunity and keep them safe from violence and gang activity.

Shared parenting improves outcomes for children

Many Illinois couples who are ending their marriage and who have young children are moving forward with a model of parenting that has been shown to be supportive of children's health and social development. Shared parenting, which emphasizes the importance of a deep and equal connection with both parents, is an important goal when parents are going through a divorce or separation.

Siblings may be custody lifeline for younger brothers or sisters

For many families in Illinois struggling with custody issues, deaths in the family, substance abuse, criminal charges or other serious concerns, a sibling may wish to seek formal custody of their younger sibling. A sibling may want to provide their younger brother or sister with a stable home while keeping the child out of foster care or other types of state placements outside the family.

Keeping a divorce child-friendly

Many Illinois parents whose marriages are ending decide to start the divorce proceedings in March. While parents can generally expect that a divorce is coming, the children can become stressed out when they learn that their family is changing. It is recommended that parents make decisions about their divorce while keeping the kids in mind.

Changing child custody orders

Issues pertaining to child custody can be complicated matters to resolve. When making a decision regarding child custody, the court is obligated to rule in the best interest of the child, even if one or both parents are not content with the terms. However, divorced Illinois parents who are unhappy with the child custody order that is in place and have a valid reason for wanting the order modified should be aware of what it takes.

Issues with child custody exchanges

Most divorced parents in Illinois work hard to maintain cordial relationships with their children's other parent. Sometimes, however, tensions can erupt or situations become strained. This can be particularly true during custody exchanges, the act of one parent dropping the kids off at the other parent's home for parenting time or visitation.

Using mediation to solve parental relocation issues

According to one study, around half of all divorced women and about one-third of divorced men were still angry at their ex-spouses 10 years after the divorce. This anger may fuel conflict between divorced parents in Illinois, but it is important that parents do not allow that anger to override the best interests of their children.

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