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Safety should be a priority among manufacturing workers

Rockford and the surrounding area’s economies continue to rely on manufacturing as the area is home to an automaker, a number of tool makers, and the maker of aerospace products. Thousands of people work at these companies to help their families and keep the community’s economic engine chugging.

Making these mistakes after a crash could cost you your claim

Remembering what to do – and what not to do – after a crash isn’t always a simple task when adrenaline and tensions are running high. But what you do at the scene of an accident can be vital to your case. Failing to take action could hurt your chances of successfully pursuing a claim.

Even if it is legal, driving and smoking in Illinois is a no-no

Being pulled over by the police after having a few hits is not the time to try and remember what your high school chemistry teacher said about units of measurement. By the time you figure out how much five nanograms of TCH is it could be all over. In the state of Illinois, five is the magic number that is all it takes to be charged with driving under the influence.

House Bill 4113: What’s at Stake in Illinois Equal Parenting Bill

Illinois is joining 35 other states in seeking equal parenting for divorced couples. House Bill 4113 contains proposed changes to the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act which would allow courts to initially award divorcing couples equal custody of their children.

Avoid these social media mistakes during your divorce

Divorce can be a grueling process. This can be particularly true if you are no longer on amicable terms with your spouse. You are probably experiencing a wide range of emotions, not all of them pleasant. During this trying time, there are many outlets for you to express your thoughts and feelings. A diary, your friends, therapy and… social media? 

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