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Fathers push for a spot in adoption cases

Open adoptions have increasingly become the norm in Illinois, bringing the topic to the forefront when, historically, discussing the process openly was far less commonplace. With such an increased awareness of adoption, many biological fathers are asserting that they should be more involved in the entire process. When adoption is the final goal, fathers have been largely left out of the equation.

Is a stepparent adoption in the best interests of your child?

As most blended families in Illinois can attest, being a dedicated, loving parent does not necessarily require a biological connection. Many stepparents develop a deep and loving bond with their stepchildren, and this relationship can be made even more profound through a successful adoption. Of course if their biological mother or father is still an active and present role model in the child's life, this option might not be ideal. However, for those without the frequent contact of one biological parent, a stepparent adoption can be life changing.

Adoption could soon be easier for some Illinois parents

For expecting parents, waiting nine months for the birth of a child can feel like a lifetime. However, adoptive parents often have to deal with especially long wait times and, unlike a pregnancy with a clearly defined due date, the finalization of an adoption is not always so clear. Illinois adoptive parents might soon find some reprieve from long wait times as the state implements a system that would speed up the process. 

You think you're ready for adoption, should it be open or closed?

Whether through birth or adoption, welcoming a new child into a family can be one of the most joyous occasions in life. To a certain degree, both require a certain amount of consideration, such as determining where a mother wants to give birth or with what type of adoption a family feels most comfortable. While stepparent adoptions might not have to deal with weighing the benefits of an open adoption against a closed one, many adoptive parents do face this decision during the adoption process.

We can help you on the road to a successful stepparent adoption

No matter how you become a family, there may be no greater joy than welcoming a child into your life. In some instances, when an Illinois parent remarries, their new spouse may form an exceptional bond with their child. This bond can be cemented through a stepparent adoption, although there can be obstacles to overcome before reaching that goal.

Stepparent adoption generally requires consent from birth parent

Illinois parents who later marry or re-marry an individual who is not the biological parent of their children may wish to give their spouse a greater legal role in their children's life. For some, this may mean that they wish for their new spouse to adopt their children. While this is a wonderful act, stepparent adoption cannot be accomplished without consent from the child's other biological parent.

Adoption of 5 siblings by foster family with 3 of their own

Illinois society seems to have adjusted to smaller families with not more than three children. Even with three children, a family's finances can be stretched. There are, however, those who always yearn to have a large and happy family with lots of children. Many families decide on adoption after fostering a child for some time.

Adoption a red flag for IRS thanks to flaw in system

IRS tax audits are unwelcome to anyone. But for certain families in Illinois and elsewhere, sweeping audits were the norm for the 2012 fiscal year. The reason, apparently, is adoption: families who had adopted a child or children were unfairly targeted for audits this year thanks to what is being called a "misguided practice" within the Internal Revenue Service.

Adoption a welcome joy for reality show couple

Some prospective parents won't let anything get in their way in the pursuit of adopting a child. For Bill Klein and Jennifer Arnold, known to Illinois fans as the stars of the reality show "The Little Couple," their adoption dreams came true when they travelled to the Far East to adopt their new son William Rijin. This was a tremendous boon to the couple who have long desired a child of their own.

Illinois adoption support charity seeks corporate grants

A not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping prospective parents with the financial burden associated with the adoption process has begun reaching out to larger corporations in the hope of extending their services. The Illinois-based grassroots movement was founded in 1996 and has since helped hundreds of families come together through generous financial support. The adoption process can be notoriously expensive, and the organization exists to help mitigate those costs for families that would otherwise be exceptional adoptive households.

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