There are many disputes that may arise during a divorce in Illinois or anywhere else. One of those disputes may revolve around what to do about the family home. It is possible that one person will want to sell while the other will want to keep it. A key benefit to selling a home is that it allows each person to get a fresh start both mentally and financially.

The proceeds from the sale may make it easier to pay bills on a single income or to buy or rent a new place to live. Selling a home also means that there is no need to make a large mortgage payment or put money toward maintaining the property. That can be a compelling reason for a person to put aside his or her ego and not try to win the house in a settlement out of spite.

Picking the right real estate agent can be critical when selling a home in a divorce. A quality agent will be able to get the house sold in a timely manner and for the most money possible. He or she may also provide tips as to how to stage a home to make it look appealing for buyers. If the home is able to sell quickly, it may make it easier to resolve the divorce in a timely manner.

Those who are thinking about a divorce may want to consult with a family law attorney. This professional may provide guidance as to organizing financial records or whether to ask for the house in a settlement. An attorney may also help a person navigate the divorce process using facts and reason as opposed to emotion, which might allow for a favorable settlement in less time.