When filing for divorce in Illinois, couples who have minor children should consider how they will create a parenting plan that works well for their children and for both parents. Working together to create a schedule is an important step toward helping children adjust to life after a divorce.

The first thing that parents should consider when creating a schedule is how their scheduling decisions will affect their children. Divorce is not easy for children, so making sure kids don’t miss out on important activities is key. Whenever possible, it is a good idea to keep activities for children the same as they were before the divorce.

Parents should also consider how they will handle logistics regarding transportation. This will be easier if parents do not live far apart. A child’s age can play a role in this because parents will need to consider how they will transport their child to and from school.

Parents should avoid getting back at their ex when creating a parenting plan. Going into family law court with this attitude is never a good idea because courts always consider the best interests of a child when making any determinations regarding custody and visitation. It is best to be flexible and willing to make changes in a schedule after figuring out what does and doesn’t work.

An attorney with experience in family law litigation may be able to assist parents who are filing for divorce. Many courts have standard visitation schedules. These schedules are a template that a court will use if parents cannot agree on their own visitation schedule. Every case is different, so it is often a good idea for parents to do their best to communicate well about their parenting plan. During the entire process, an attorney may be able to assist clients by filing paperwork, drafting orders, attending mediation, interviewing witnesses and referring them to other experts when necessary.