There are a number of reasons why couples in Illinois may decide to divorce, especially as every relationship is unique. Oftentimes, multiple contributing factors lead to a marriage ending. Some people may separate somewhat amicably after growing apart over the years. In other cases, extramarital affairs or other breaches of trust can play a significant role in ending the marriage.

A recent study polled people who had participated in a premarital program to enhance relationship communication. Fourteen years later, a number of those participants had chosen to divorce and were contacted to determine the factors that led to their separation. The most common cause cited, by 75 percent of respondents, was somewhat self-evident: a lack of commitment to the marriage. Some people said that they had never had romantic feelings for their partner while others said that those feelings had changed or diminished over time. Almost 60 percent of participants said that infidelity was a factor in their divorce. While sexual infidelity was often the primary issue that led to a separation, it was also a final blow to for many unhappy relationships.

Over 57 percent of respondents said that excessive arguing and conflict was a factor in their divorce. Fights tended to get worse over the years, and spouses would say deeply hurtful things to one another. The emotional wounds left behind by serious fights often killed off feelings of love, romance and attraction between spouses.

Whether people decide to divorce over an affair, budgeting problems or simply growing apart, the end of a marriage has serious financial and legal consequences. A family law attorney could help a divorcing spouse achieve a fair settlement on a range of matters, including property division and child custody.