Driving for too long on an empty stomach is dangerous. But, rest stops aren’t just for acquiring a snack and a soft drink.

Here are a few reasons why it’s important to fill up at a rest stop — and avoid eating or drinking in the car.

Drinks are distracting

It’s common for people to drink beverages while driving. In fact, most cars have cup holders to help you do it. Yet, studies have shown that any activity that takes a driver’s attention away from the road increases his or her likelihood to be involved in a crash. This is true for beverages, just as it is for loud music on the radio or talkative passengers.

With drinks, the potential distraction is greater than just taking a sip through a straw. For example, getting coffee or another hot beverage at a drive-thru could easily lead to a spill that burns the driver or a passenger.

Soft drinks could also be dangerous if they splash onto the inside of the driver’s windshield or if a driver removes their hands from the wheel to uncap a bottle.

Food can create frustration

Among the drive-thru coffee shops are sure to be fast-food restaurants — establishments meant to put food into the hands of drivers. But, what many people may not realize is that you usually look at your food as you eat it.

While it’s true that most drivers will be able to eat while keeping their eyes on the road, the trouble comes when crumbs fall and sauces drip. It’s also likely that drivers will need both hands to unpackage food and at least one hand to hold onto it.

Goldfish pay more attention

Though most people believe they’re capable of multitasking, studies show that only 2 percent of the population can. In fact, it’s also widely held that the human attention span is shorter than a goldfish’s attention span. That’s nine seconds for the goldfish and eight seconds for the human race.

No one focusing on driving is so hard.

Unfortunately, it can take half a second of distraction to result in an accident while in a moving vehicle. If you’re not able to save yourself from the actions of a negligent driver in time, know who to call to seek compensation. A skilled attorney can help you make a case for what happened.