Illinois residents who are employed in industries that expose them to numerous co-workers of the opposite sex could experience a greater rate of divorce according to a study based on Danish demographic data. A researcher at Stockholm University analyzed the massive trove of demographic data collected in Denmark and found a correlation between divorce rates and the availability of alternative partners at work.

When men worked in male-dominated industries like construction, they had a measurably lower chance of divorce than the few women present in the male-dominated fields. Among men who worked in locations with many female co-workers, divorce rates were much higher compared to people working in largely same-sex environments. The data revealed that men working in the presence of many women had the highest divorce rates although women working around many men sought divorces more often than other women.

Jobs that required high levels of social interaction also produced high divorce rates. Hotel and restaurant employees had the highest divorce rates. More isolated occupations, such as librarian or farmer, had the lowest divorce rates.

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