An Illinois couple may choose to get divorced for a variety of reasons. However, unless a spouse is in an unsafe relationship, rushing to a divorce may not be a wise decision. It’s important to consider the potential negative consequences, especially when the partners are older.

Furthermore, a divorce could have implications for friends or family members. Studies show that one is more likely to get a divorce after a friend goes through a separation. Adult children may have to deal with negative emotions after learning that their parents are no longer together. There is also a financial and social impact to ending a marriage that older people may struggle with. Single divorced women over the age of 65 are 80 percent more likely than males to lack necessary financial resources.

Getting a divorce can also sever connections between friends and other contacts made during the relationship. Former friends may want to avoid taking sides or have problems including a single person in events designed for couples. As a person gets older, it may be harder to develop new friendships or develop any sort of meaningful relationships with other people.

Those who are going through a divorce or otherwise dealing with problems in their marriage may benefit from the advice of a family law professional. An attorney may help to mediate disputes in an effort to prevent a divorce or help individuals get through one in a timely manner. Whether an individual chooses to resolve a family matter through mediation or in front of a judge, legal counsel could provide helpful guidance throughout the process.