Safety-minded drivers in Illinois can take certain steps to reduce the risks of accidents with pedestrians, bicyclists and other drivers. Since school is back in session, it’s important to be especially vigilant around children pedestrians and buses. Drivers will want to keep their eyes moving from side to side as kids may dart out onto the street, often without using a crosswalk.

It’s important to anticipate potential dangers by observing the taillights of the vehicles in front. Before turning or changing lanes, they should check their mirrors and watch for bicyclists who pull up into their blind spots. Another important tip is to stay on familiar routes whenever possible.

During the school year, it’s especially important to watch out for children in school zones, at bus stops and by crosswalks. Speeding is out of the question. Any activity that takes one’s eyes off the road, be it calling and texting or eating and adjusting the radio, should be avoided as well.

Drivers must remember that it’s illegal to pass a stopped school bus on an undivided highway. The cue to stop is when the bus has its red lights on and stop arm extended. When the bus has its yellow lights on, drivers must slow down. Keeping a 10-foot safety zone from all busses is recommended.

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