Sharing child custody can offer many benefits to Illinois parents. For example, one parent won’t be solely responsible for creating and enforcing rules and boundaries. Shared custody also means that a parent can develop a routine that balances family life with work and social obligations. Parents should work together with their children to find a schedule that works well for everyone.

Another perk of shared custody is that it may not be necessary to find a babysitter or be home early from a date. This allows single parents to focus more on their new relationships while ensuring that their children are cared for. In many cases, not being with the kids all the time means that parents better appreciate the time that they do have with them. Furthermore, it is important that a child gets to spend time with both parents while growing up.

Allowing the other parent to have a role in their child’s life may make sense financially. Both parents can split the cost of small purchases such as snacks or materials needed to complete a school project. They can also figure out a way to cover larger expenses that generally come up while raising a child.

Parents who are unsure of how to handle custody or other issues after a divorce may consult with a family law professional. Legal counsel could create an acceptable agreement in a timely and civil manner. It may also be possible for an attorney to review any prenuptial or other agreements that were created in private talks or in mediation. This might help to ensure that the terms are reasonable to the parent and for the child.