Distracted driving is being blamed for an uptick in fatal car accidents throughout Illinois and the rest of the country over the past four years. Researchers from the University of Utah, with help from AAA, conducted a study of drivers to find out how much attention in-car technology demanded while driving. Even though some devices allowed drivers to pay more attention to the road than others, most of them had some element of distraction. Researchers found that both mobile and automated technology had a negative impact.

According to the study’s findings, youth are much more susceptible to being distracted by tech than older people. It showed that drivers 17 to 22 mess with their phones for a roughly 12 percent of the time they’re driving. Youth, however, are not alone when it comes to distraction. Research going back to the start of automated tech in airplanes shows that regaining attention after a distraction is particularly difficult.

In order to curb the crisis of accidents caused by distracted driving, scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are looking for ways to integrate devices in the safest way possible. This involves finding out how often a driver should be looking out on the road and how quickly they should be detecting threats. With more distracting technology released every day, some experts believe this issue needs much more attention from tech developers and automotive makers.

Someone who has been injured by a reckless driver may have the right to compensation from the responsible party. Driving while using a mobile phone or another device may be considered negligence if it results in an accident. Medical bills, rehabilitation costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering may all be eligible for compensation.