Rockford and the surrounding area’s economies continue to rely on manufacturing as the area is home to an automaker, a number of tool makers, and the maker of aerospace products. Thousands of people work at these companies to help their families and keep the community’s economic engine chugging.

Within the manufacturing industry, though, there are plenty of safety risks. This is why such area employers must continue to promote safety awareness and never neglect it. Companies must consider employee safety a top priority, even above profit and revenues.

By becoming an ambassador for workplace safety, employees can collaborate with managers and company leaders, doing their part in promoting a safe workplace. There are many ways to become an ambassador for safety, while helping you and others avoid injury.

Safety tips for manufacturing workers

Here are some safety tips for workers  within the manufacturing industry:

  • Let supervisors know about unsafe conditions.
  • Properly use equipment.
  • Wear safety equipment. Proper equipment such as a helmet, eye protection, respiratory protection, hearing protection, gloves, footwear and safety vests can help prevent injury.
  • Ensure that work areas and emergency exits are clear from obstructions. Avoid a cluttered work area by putting tools away after usage, and don’t block emergency exits. It just might save your life.
  • Avoid slips and falls, which are the leading cause of injury among American workers. Be careful when working from a ladder, wear proper footwear, and watch where you are walking.
  • Be aware of electrical hazards from improperly installed equipment, exposed electrical wires and unlocked electrical panels.
  • Use correct posture when lifting in order to avoid back injury.
  • Take a break when you need it. Fatigue is a major workplace safety hazard. Many work-related injuries happen when people are tired.

A workplace culture that focuses on the safety of its employees can only benefit everyone involved. Enroll in safety training programs available at your company. You may think you know a lot about safety, but you just might become refreshed.