When Illinois couples are ending their marriage, there are many questions that will need to be answered as the divorce progresses. Determining where to live after the divorce is finalized is difficult but often not determined until late in the process. There are several options available.

One is to stay in the family home. This may be an appropriate option for those will have custody of the children. However, those who choose to stay in the family home will be required to deal with all of the costs of owning the home, such as maintenance, taxes and utilities. Another option is to purchase a new home, though many of the costs will still apply.

For those who do not want to deal with the costs of owning a home, renting is another option. For some, renting for a year or two can give them a chance to cool down after the divorce and figure out what they want before making a commitment. Renting may also be a way to keep school-age kids in their school district, especially if the kids are teenagers or are close to graduating.

Even if both parties are on the same page, going through a divorce is not simple. If the former couple has any assets or children, they will need to reach an agreement about how to split up any property they obtained during the marriage and where the kids will live. A family law attorney could help identify all of the marital assets that need to be divided. If the former couple cannot decide who gets to keep the family home, the attorney may work out an agreement that involves selling the home or allowing the person who has primary custody of the kids to keep it.