Divorce can be a grueling process. This can be particularly true if you are no longer on amicable terms with your spouse. You are probably experiencing a wide range of emotions, not all of them pleasant. During this trying time, there are many outlets for you to express your thoughts and feelings. A diary, your friends, therapy and… social media? 

Social media has become an integral part of twenty-first century life, but many people underestimate just how powerful it can be. In an Illinois divorce, what you post on social media can have a major impact on your divorce proceedings. Before you take to your Facebook page to vent, you should know about some common divorce-related social media mistakes to avoid.

Insulting your spouse

Social media is conducive to impulsivity, and that can be dangerous if you are in the mood to vent about your soon-to-be-former spouse. Posting mean-spirited things about your ex can come back to bite you in your divorce. Writing negative things online can contribute to an already-tense process. If what you write is defamatory in nature, the Illinois criminal justice system may have something to say about it. If you do write about your spouse on social media, keep it cordial and consider making the post private.

Accidentally incriminating yourself

Many people tend to over-share on social media. This is harmless in most situations, but a divorce is different. A couple’s social media pages can be used as evidence in a divorce trial. Take care not to post anything online that may incriminate you in court. For example, if you are fighting for alimony, it may be unwise to post photos of an expensive new purchase.

Snooping on your spouse

One of the pitfalls of social media is that it provides instant glimpses into other people’s lives—whether we want to see it or not. If your ex is on social media, don’t be tempted to snoop through their social media profiles. Spying on your ex will only cause you stress. In some extreme cases, it can also cross the line from curious snooping into stalking or harassment. Close your browser and focus on a more productive activity.