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How contempt can ruin a marriage

Illinois spouses who have an irreversible contempt for their partners are the most likely to see their marriages end in divorce. This is according to one scientist who has observed the communication patterns of thousands of couples. When a person shows contempt for a partner, he or she is indicating a lack of respect. Contempt can also indicate a lack of regard for that person's self-esteem.

Holiday season gives way to spike in divorce filings in January

The end-of-year holiday season can bring families together or make some couples in Illinois resolve to end their marriages. People working in the legal field have long observed that filings for divorce jump in January. The month has earned the name Divorce Month although one study concluded that the most divorces actually happen in August and March.

How credit ratings may be damaged in a divorce

For some people in Illinois, getting a divorce could cause a drop in their credit score. This might happen for reasons that are outside a person's control. For example, creditors might lower an individual's line of credit because of the drop in income that occurs when going from two paychecks to one. A person may need to refinance a home after buying out his or her spouse, and this could mean more debt, which affects his or her credit rating. Debt could be unevenly split, leading to a greater burden for one spouse.

Avoiding myths can help to prevent divorce

Dealing with the end of a marriage can be a very difficult time for Illinois couples. Avoiding a divorce can be a primary priority, and there can be some common social beliefs and myths that can intensify pressure on a couple and work to undermine their marriage. Keeping some of these myths in mind can potentially work to protect a marriage before irreconcilable differences develop.

Panel recommends lowering of BAC threshold in DWI cases

Illinois drivers will need to be more judicious with their alcohol if the state government accepts a plan to lower the drunken driving threshold currently being recommended by a scientific panel. Under that recommendation, the blood-alcohol concentration, or BAC, threshold would be lowered from .08 to .05.

Police say Illinois man had a BAC of .358 percent

A 46-year-old Illinois man has been charged with two counts of drunk driving after toxicology testing allegedly revealed his blood alcohol level to be more than four times the state's legal limit. Police say that the Chicago resident's breath test produced a reading of .358 percent. The limit is .08 percent.

Starting the year with a divorce

The arrival of the New Year tends to coincide with a sharp increase in divorce filings. People in Illinois who are planning to pursue a divorce at the beginning of the year should take certain steps before filing.

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