Couples in Illinois and other parts of the country sometimes share parenting duties. This could be the result of a divorce, a separation, or the parents choosing to raise the child without entering into any type of relationship.

Co-parenting is typically approached with children’s best interests in mind as they have no say when it comes to how their parents handle the dissolution of a relationship. The adults are responsible for ensuring that the children are cared for and have as normal a life as possible. Because of this, parents shouldn’t avoid their emotions because children will see the actions that come from this, which could have a negative impact.

It’s acceptable for parents to date while co-parenting, and children should know what’s going on. It should be noted, though, that not many details should be shared with them until there is a possibility that the new relationship will lead to something serious. While family members and friends will likely have a good amount of opinions about the failing of a relationship, it’s important to not get bogged down by the frustration this may create. Therapy may be an ideal option for parents who need to discuss how they feel about family and friends in order to avoid any potential grudges.

Any rules should be established firmly and agreed upon by both parents. There are boundaries that couples need to consider so that feelings aren’t hurt and so each person understands what is taking place in the relationship as well as with the children.

A family law attorney can help couples create a visitation schedule and establish co-parenting guidelines so that the children can get accustomed to these changes. The attorney can also help to schedule any kind of mediation that might be needed to designate child custody or child support.