People in Illinois who are getting a divorce may want to seek assistance from a group of professionals. A therapist who specializes in divorce along with family and friends can help with the emotional side of the divorce. Other professionals can assist with the financial and legal side of things.

Some financial advisers specialize in matrimonial issues. They may have a background in divorce and be able to help a client throughout the process. For example, in the early stages of the divorce, the spouse may need to put together a financial history. Later, during negotiations over property division, there might be several options that should be evaluated. Finally, after a divorce, a person might need assistance with personal finance.

People might also be concerned about choosing an attorney. One approach is to get recommendations from family and friends. A spouse might then want to interview multiple lawyers. The right choice might be someone who has handled similar cases and is easy to get along with. It is important for a person to feel comfortable with the attorney since the divorce process may be lengthy.

In some cases, the process of property division will proceed more quickly if the couple negotiates an agreement instead of going to court. Attorneys can help with these negotiations. The couple may be able to come up with solutions that match their circumstances whereas in litigation, they might have less control over the outcome. However, in some cases, issues arise that make litigation necessary. The other spouse might be trying to hide assets or refusing to negotiate. In litigation, a judge will attempt to divide property fairly.