Some Illinois couples might wonder whether they should get a divorce. There are a few situations that could result in a marriage coming to an end. Infidelity is one of those situations. This could be a one-time incident or it could be ongoing, and it might be emotional or physical. Some couples are unable to recover from it.

Money problems may also contribute to a divorce. Not having any money can put a strain on a marriage, but so can having different spending habits. Some couples may encounter problems if the husband makes less money than his wife. Addiction is another situation that can result in a divorce whether it is addiction to drugs or to a lifestyle such as working too much.

Extraordinary circumstances can bring some couples closer together but may lead to separation for others. These circumstances might be one person’s serious illness or the death of the couple’s child. A couple might also be incompatible. If they have different ideas about where they want to live or differences about an issue like religion, they might seek counseling. However, if the counselor is unable to help them, they might have irreconcilable differences that mean the marriage cannot be repaired. These types of differences might include certain behaviors such as stonewalling or strong emotions such as anger that the couple cannot get past.

Once a couple has made the decision to divorce, the next steps might be speaking with attorneys and attempting to negotiate an agreement to divide property such as a home and retirement accounts. If there are children, the couple will need to work out custody and visitation arrangements. If they and their respective attorneys are unable to do so, mediation might be appropriate.