Illinois parents who have gone through a divorce and who share custody of their children may already be aware of the benefits of shared parenting. When both parents care for their children in equal amounts of time, it can benefit the whole family. Mothers who aspire to work outside of the home can benefit from such an arrangement because it allows them to have more time to put efforts towards their career. Fathers can spend more time with their children, and children can spend equal time with both parents.

In the majority of child custody cases that are decided by a judge, mothers are given sole or primary physical custody of their children. This can be unfair to both parents if they are both fit to raise their children. It can be unfair to mothers who want to become a breadwinner for their children because having it puts heavy demands on their time. It can also be unfair to fathers who wish to spend time with their children. Even in cases where fathers have visitation rights, the schedule can still lead to imbalance in the lives of the parents.

A solution to this sort of imbalance could be shared parenting. It can take some of the time mothers spend caring for children and give it back to them for working on increasing their incomes. It can give fathers the opportunity to spend more time with their children. Finally, research shows that shared parenting can help children become happier and more successful.

Parents who are considering changing their child custody arrangement might not know exactly where to begin. A family law attorney might be able to assist parents who are seeking to modify their custody agreement.