After divorces are over, some Illinois parents may still have occasional disputes over small details that they didn’t include in their parenting plans. One of these potential issues involves which parent should be responsible for paying the back-to-school expenses for their children. By crafting detailed parenting plans, these types of arguments might be avoided.

When it’s time for children to go back to school, they will need many different items, including classroom supplies, new clothes and even payments for extracurricular activities. These expenses can quickly add up, leading to arguments about who should pay for what. If one parent has primary custody of the children while the other pays child support, the responsibility for purchasing these items should fall on the parent who receives support. Such payments are meant to take care of these types of costs.

If the parents have a shared-parenting agreement, they should each be responsible for paying a portion of the expenses. They can either choose to split the costs in half or by proportionate amounts according to their relative incomes.

It’s important for divorcing parents to anticipate all of the potential scenarios that could lead to confusion and arguments. By writing highly detailed parenting plans, they may avoid some of these small disputes so that they can get along better for their children. Children whose parents are able to get along well enough with each other to act as effective co-parents may be happier and better adjusted. Parents who want to divorce might benefit by retaining attorneys. Lawyers may help clients focus on their children’s best interests rather than on the emotional conflicts that are often involved in the divorce process. This may help them to reach agreements without bitterly litigating small issues in court.