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Common divorce myths that are false

When an Illinois resident announced that he or she is going through a divorce, family, friends and minor acquaintances may jump at the chance to offer advice. However, it is likely that much of this advice will be either inapplicable to a person's case or flat out wrong due to a variety of popular divorce myths that continue to be brought up.

Several of the most pervasive divorce myths involve finances. For example, some believe that former couples can save money during their divorce by sharing an attorney. However, attorneys can only legally represent one party, so those who say they will represent both should be avoided. Another myth is that a person can determine how much he or she will owe in child support without a lawyer just based on the states child support guidelines. However, an attorney will know which exceptions are applicable and can assist with properly reporting both parties' incomes.

Another major divorce myth is that the judge will not take a former spouse's misconduct into account when making determinations about financial issues. While it is true that Illinois is a no-fault divorce state, a judge can take misconduct into consideration when making decisions about spousal support, especially if one spouse diverted household funds when being involved in extramarital affairs.

Going through the divorce process is never easy, especially if there are multiple financial matters that need to be settled before the divorce can be finalized. If a party is seeking spousal support and other financial assets that were obtained during the marriage, a family law attorney could negotiate the d terms in order to avoid a lengthy and difficult trial.

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