Some noncustodial parents of children in Illinois fail to pay child support, and locating them can sometimes be difficult. When custodial parents are trying to find the noncustodial parents, they can use some of the services that are provided through their state child support agencies.

In Illinois, the state agency has a parent locator service. The agency will start by opening a case when the custodial parent is either referred to it or has applied for child support. In order to help locate the parent, the agency will collect as much information from the custodial parent as possible and will work to verify it if needed.

The agency may use the financial and employment information of the noncustodial parents in order to find them. If the custodial parents do not have this information, then the agency may use a number of resources to locate the noncustodial parent. These may include drivers’ license bureaus, court records and federal locator services. The agency may also use other means such as contacting the relatives of the noncustodial parents or searching social media for them.

Children deserve the benefit of having support from both parents, and noncustodial parents have a duty to provide financial support for their children. When a noncustodial parent fails to pay child support, the custodial parent might want to get help from a family law attorneys who could help to locate the noncustodial parents and to secure garnishment orders for their bank accounts and wages. The attorneys may also file motions to hold the delinquent noncustodial parents in contempt of court when they willfully evade their responsibilities.