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Likelihood of divorce correlated to husband's employment

In 2016, the "American Sociological Review" published a study that found that one of the major factors in whether a couple would divorce was the employment status of the husband. This means that if a husband in Illinois does not work full time, the marriage has a 3.3 percent chance of getting a divorce in any given year. In a marriage in which the husband works full time, the chance drops to 2.5 percent.

What causes gray divorces

Older Illinois couples who are considering ending their marriages should know that the rate for gray divorces, or divorces for individuals aged 50 or older, has been increasing. They may also be surprised to learn about the factors that are contributing to this.

Finding noncustodial parents for child support purposes

Some noncustodial parents of children in Illinois fail to pay child support, and locating them can sometimes be difficult. When custodial parents are trying to find the noncustodial parents, they can use some of the services that are provided through their state child support agencies.

Study shows mandatory interlock laws reduce drunk driving deaths

Lawmakers in Illinois and around the country have been given fact-based evidence from researchers concerning the efficacy of laws that impose ignition interlock devices on the vehicles of convicted drunk drivers. These devices prevent vehicle operation when they detect alcohol in the driver. A study that analyzed more than three decades of national data on alcohol-related traffic fatalities found that these deaths went down the most in states where all people convicted of a DUI offense had to use ignition interlocks.

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