Many Illinois parents whose marriages are ending decide to start the divorce proceedings in March. While parents can generally expect that a divorce is coming, the children can become stressed out when they learn that their family is changing. It is recommended that parents make decisions about their divorce while keeping the kids in mind.

March is often the time to get a divorce because the kids are in school and, other than extracurricular activities, there is generally not much else going on for the children. However, this can put extra stress on the kids and their school performance may suffer. For some families, filing during the summer can give the kids a chance to adjust to their new life without the extra pressure of school.

One of the most important things that parents can do when going through the divorce process is to avoid fighting, especially in front of the children. When parents go through a split calmly and without blaming each other, the kids are more likely to adjust quickly and without fear. Parents should avoid involving their kids in the divorce itself and talking badly about the other parent. If the parents cannot remain neutral when talking, they should stick to emails or text messages.

Child custody disputes can lead to very stressful situations at home for both the parents and the kids. If the parents cannot work together to come to an agreement regarding their child custody issues, a family law attorney may attempt to negotiate with the other party to come up with a parenting plan and visitation schedule that meets everyone’s needs. If the terms are reasonable, the attorney may work to get the judge to sign the order as quickly as possible. If negotiations do not work, the judge may make a decision that is in the best interests of the children.