Residents of Illinois should know that possessing certain synthetic drugs is illegal. Bath salts and spice, in particular, are two synthetic drugs that have seen widespread use during the last few years.

Illicit drugs can be classified as natural, derivative or synthetic. Synthetic drugs are created by mixing synthetic chemical compounds. While new laws are constantly being passed to prohibit the creation of the chemical compounds used to make illicit synthetic drugs, creators often come up with new compounds designed to circumvent the regulations.

Bath salts are normally sold in different types of packaging and different forms. They are able to produce a wide range of effects in users. Spice, also referred to as K2, is often advertised as a marijuana alternative. It is a simple plant or some other organic material that is covered in an array of intoxicating chemicals. The packaging for the drug will have a warning that states the product is not meant to be consumed by humans.

The effects that the drugs have on users can be in violation of the law even if the composition of the substances may be legal. Individuals who possess or use these drugs can actually still be arrested and charged with a crime while law enforcement waits for results from a drug lab.

Drug charges are serious violations that can result in a range of severe penalties, including long incarceration terms and excessive fines. An attorney who practices criminal law may work on behalf of a client to verify the legality of any arrests or seizure of assets in relation to any alleged drug activities.