The ability to manage financial issues electronically can be a huge help to Illinois residents and businesses. Recognizing the advantages of online child support processing, the Office of Child Support Enforcement is preparing to make an updated web portal available to businesses using this avenue for handling payment and reporting. The new page is expected to be available in mid-2017 and will hopefully add to the current 214 businesses using the system on a national scale.

One of the advantages of using this system to oversee company child support management is the ability to report information according to the laws of different states. Home Depot is among the companies already utilizing this resource and notes that communications and responses are more prompt with the system. The nationwide retailer is also able to more easily address its obligation to report lump sums in those states that require such reports.

>Child support has often received attention because of nonpayment issues, which has led to solutions such as the OCSE’s efforts to make online reporting and management more feasible. On a local level, an individual may find that it is easier to pay support through a collection office. This can minimize the need to interact with an ex-spouse after a contentious divorce. This can also provide a method of proving that support has been paid.

Child support can be one of the most frustrating issues during divorce proceedings. A parent receiving support might argue that the amount is inadequate as the other party insists that the amount is too much. State guidelines typically govern the computation of the amount of support owed, and changes in income could cause either party to obtain the assistance of an attorney in requesting a modification. A parent owing support might request a change because of a reduction in income, and a recipient of support might ask for the amount to be adjusted if the other party’s income increases.