Illinois residents who are considering tying the knot may be interested to learn that approximately 45 to 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. This is due to a number of reasons, including financial instability and different expectations. To avoid a potential divorce in the future, there are a few topics that engaged couples should discuss in advance.

Money problems are thought to be the leading cause of divorce. The problems arise when couples fail to discuss their financial situations and their financial expectations before getting married. This includes how the couple will save money and how much debt both individuals have. It is recommended that couples talk openly about finances prior to marriage so they can determine whether or not they are compatible.

Another major cause of divorce includes expectations. Each person has an idea of what they want their marriage to look like, whether the future involves children, a career and traveling. If one person wants children and the other does not, for example, creating a solid marriage can be difficult as both individuals do not want the same things for their future. Ensuring both people are on the same page can prevent conflicts in the future.

If a married couple cannot work through their differences, filing for divorce may be an option. If the former couple has amassed marital property and financial assets, a family law attorney may assist with negotiating the division of this property. Depending on the circumstances, the attorney may work to help a person keep the family home especially if that person is seeking primary custody of the children. Otherwise, the attorney may negotiate an agreement that allows the home to be sold so that the profits can be split.