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How states determine child support

Some Illinois residents may have heard the amount of child support that One Direction's Louis Tomlinson had to pay to his ex-fiancée. Since his net worth is estimated to be between $20 to $50 million, media reports say that he makes payments of upwards of five figures each month. Although some may consider this a high amount, courts look at several factors and use different tools to determine how much an individual should pay.

Potalyzer may change marijuana impaired driving tests

A device may change the way police in Tennessee and around the country test for impaired driving. Researchers at Stanford University have used magnetic biosensors to test for the presence of THC in saliva. THC is the most potent psychoactive chemical in marijuana. Law enforcement screening for THC had been dependent upon urine or blood tests, but both pose problems in terms of proving intoxication at the time the sample is drawn.

How to protect a child's college fund during a divorce

Many Illinois parents may have set up a college fund for their children using a 529 savings plan or some other type of savings vehicle. If the parents divorce, the owner of the account may be able to change the beneficiary on record. This means that one parent might be able to make the account beneficiary any children of a new spouse.

When an accurate business valuation may become necessary

The division of marital property can be one of the most important steps to finalizing a divorce for an Illinois couple. If one or both of the departing spouses owns an interest in a business, then it may become necessary to precisely determine its value so that it might be fairly accounted for in the property division stage.

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