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Helping children deal with a divorce

A divorce can be difficult for both the adults ending their relationship and any children that they may have. Illinois parents should make it a top priority to help their children understand that the change they are going through doesn't have to be traumatic. To do this, both mom and dad will want to take some time to forgive themselves as well as each other.

Driver in car-motorcycle crash had previous DUI

A 37-year-old Carlyle woman is facing felony DUI charges after she struck a motorcyclist in rural Madison County and then left the scene of the accident. According to the Illinois Secretary of State, the woman had a clean driving record despite a previous DUI charge in 2012. Family members report that the motorcyclist, a 31-year old man from Pocahontas, suffered serious injuries in the crash and was hospitalized and in a coma.

How alcohol hinders driving ability

When having a few drinks while at an Illinois bar or restaurant, most people do not have breath testing equipment that they can use to figure out whether they are okay to drive or not. However, evaluating the level of sobriety might not be accurate as the blood alcohol concentration could be higher than one thinks. The following information refers to the estimated BAC for an 160-pound man after consuming the given number of drinks in one hour.

Divorce and selling a home

For Illinois residents who are caught unawares by an impending divorce, deciding whether or not to sell a home can be a difficult decision to make. This is particularly true for those who allowed the family finances to be handled primarily by the other spouse.

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