Illinois fans of One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson may be interested in learning that the star has filed a petition for custody of his 5-month-old son. Tomlinson reportedly is asking for joint physical and legal custody with his child’s mother.

The former couple had reportedly reached a temporary custody agreement on their own, which was reported in February 2016. That agreement was reportedly only meant to last for a few weeks. At that time, it was reported that the former couple would head to court if they couldn’t come to an agreement regarding custody on a long-term basis.

Tomlinson is reportedly paying his ex-girlfriend $15,000 a month in agreed-upon child support. He is also reportedly paying the rent on a $1 million home for her and their son in California. Now that the case has been filed, sources indicate a judge will determine the amount of support that should be ordered. Tomlinson reportedly filed the petition because his son’s mother was not consistent with allowing him to see their child.

In order for an unmarried man to seek child custody, the father must first establish his paternity of the child. He may do so either by acknowledgment or by filing a motion for paternity testing in court in the event the mother disputes his paternity. In Tomlinson’s case, it appears likely that he and his ex-girlfriend both acknowledge that he is the father. After a petition for custody is filed, it is sometimes possible for the parties to negotiate a custody agreement with the assistance of their respective attorneys. If no agreement can be reached, the judge will make the custody and child support orders according to the best interests of the child.

Source: Bustle, “Louis Tomlinson reportedly files for joint custody of son Freddie Reign,” Allyson Koerner, June 30, 2016