Illinois music lovers may have seen reports on June 2 that the rapper Future was sued by the mother of one of his children. The mother, who was looking for an increase in child support, additionally claimed that the rapper was neglecting their child.

The mother claimed that the amount of child support that the rapper was paying, which amounted to $2,800 was no longer enough. She argued that the success that he was seeing in his music career should have increased his income. Additionally, the lawsuit claimed that the child needed both behavioral and clinical therapy due to the fact that the rapper was not maintaining any sort of significant relationship with his son. The child was reportedly underperforming in school and needed specialized help and tutoring.

A lawsuit was initially filed by the mother in 2013. She had accused Future of lying about his income. At the time, the rapper stated that his income was about $16,000 a month while the mother claimed it was much more. They settled out of court with the agreement that Future would pay $2,800 in child support and that he would get joint custody.

In Illinois, child support payments are determined by a set of guidelines that take many factors into account. A family law attorney may help a custodial parent seek more child support from the other parent if it is found that the non-custodial parent had hidden assets or if they have an increase in the amount they earn. Additionally, the parent may also seek to have child support increased if the child’s medical or emotional needs increase.

Source: XXL Mag, “Future Gets Sued for Child Support “, Justin Ivey, 06/02/2016