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Division of property in a divorce

Illinois fans of actors Johnny Depp or Amber Heard have likely read about the couple's impending divorce. Depp plans to sell part of his art collection, but it is unclear whether or not it is related to the divorce. Preparations for the sale were underway prior to the divorce announcement. Furthermore, since Depp has been collecting the paintings since the 1990s, it is unlikely that Heard would have a claim on them. The couple resides in California, which is a community property state. This means that only assets acquired during the marriage are likely to be considered marital property and subject to division. The marriage lasted only 15 months.

Man must pay alimony despite prenup, court rules

People in Illinois might think that a prenuptial agreement will protect them from any spousal support obligations in the event of a divorce, but this is not necessarily the case. One man, a real estate agent worth about $5 million, was directed to pay alimony to his wife even though the two had signed a prenuptial agreement that said neither would owe the other spousal support.

Child support orders not written in stone

A cornerstone of divorce agreements involving children is the requirement for child support payments. Non-custodial parents in Illinois can expect to pay a percentage of their income at minimum. Family court judges and the parties to the divorce have options to modify beyond this minimum. The support amount set in the agreement is enforceable by law, but what happens when the non-custodial parent's income changes after the agreement?

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