Illinois couples who are getting a divorce should be careful about their use of social media. In some cases, it can create legal issues. For example, if a person is arguing for lower maintenance payments due to financial issues but photographs appear on social media taking what looks like an expensive vacation, that can call such a request into question. Parents who are photographed at a wild party might find those photos used to question their right to physical custody.

Emotional issues are another thing people should be wary of. People often use social media to highlight the best parts of their lives. Others who are going through a difficult time like the end of a marriage may end up feeling isolated and depressed, and if this is the case, social media may be best avoided for a while.

Venting on social media is another danger. It might feel good in the moment, but people should think about who is going to see the things they post online including family, community members and possibly even their children. It can be hard for children to see one parent saying negative things about the other and embarrassing if they think others have seen it as well. The best social media policy during this time is to try to maintain a sense of privacy and dignity.

In fact, for parents in particular, finding a way to resolve whatever disputes they have in a setting outside of a courtroom may be best for them as well as their children. It has been established that in general, children fare better when their parents’ split is free from conflict. An attorney can often assist a divorcing parent in negotiating a settlement agreement that addresses all applicable issues.